What A Week!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this week’s hardly been a holiday. While my neighborhood has been spared from the fires, it was not risk free. Most San Diego neighborhoods are built on top of hills, and the hillsides (suburban and rural) are lined with chaparral, which is simply plenty of vegetation to catch fire. The fires were largely limited to rural areas, but densely populated areas close to them, such as Rancho Bernardo and Poway, were vulnerable and took heavy damage. There will be more stories in the news in the weeks to come as these people struggle to resume their lives and rebuild their homes. What is very unfortunate is that some of these people were still recovering from the Cedar Fires disaster, which happened four years ago.

Thanks to those who kept us in your thoughts. I would especially like to thank Brian and Danny for their responses in some of my fire related posts. There was also a Flickr user who sent me some thoughtful messages. I’m glad to know that fellow San Diego bloggers Ted and Rob are ok.

I’ve gotten word that one of the teachers out in the East County school lost her home in the fire. I’m sure we’ll hear about more friends, colleaguues, and acquaintances in this situation in weeks to come.

As for family in San Diego, I’m glad everyone’s fine. My immediate family (mother and brother) are all in central San Diego, away from the fires. My brother’s children (my niecce and nephew) live with their mother in East County, but their area is unaffected. I visited my uncle John (my paternal grandmother’s brother) and my aunt in Mira Mesa yesterday. It had been a while since I’ve seem them, but I worried about them this week, since their area had more smoke than here. I promised not to be a stranger.

As far as I know, the community colleges resume on Monday. I’ll be catching up on grading papers and doing prep work for classes. I’ve lost more or less a week’s worth of lessons, so I’ll have to exercise some flexibility with plans and deadlines.


Some People Are Truly Pieces of Work

I know I’ve broken the record for posts per day on ShindoTV, but this broadcast comes to you courtesy of Boi from Troi:

Of course, it is also a good time for the religious right to make fools of themselves. Now they’re blaming the Gays for the San Diego wildfires, which begs the question of why West Hollywood, Hillcrest, Silverlake and Long Beach seem to have been spared the wrath of the flames so far!

Within that paragraph was a link to a blogpost from James Hartline, a local religious nutjob and self hating gay man with AIDS, about how Hoe Moe sexuals caused the fires. Boi is a better man than I. I refuse to give that frak Hartline any traffic. You’ll have to go third party if you want to hear that idiot’s brainfried rant.

Hartline is the same headcase who bent the Catholic Bishop of San Diego’s ear a few years ago so the late owner of Club Montage could not have a proper funeral. I’ll stop because I don’t have a kind thing to say about him.

How Frakked Up Is This?

Larry Himmel of Channel 8 covers the destruction of his home during the fires.
Normally someone with a great sense of humor, Himmel carries himeslf with a great deal of professionalism and does his job.

My proverbial hat’s off to him. I’d be a definite mess if I were in his shoes. And then there’s the walkthrough.

Found on Flickr: San Diego Fire

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San Diego Fire, originally uploaded by Armida the Diva.

This pic is eerie! I don’t know where this is exactly, but this is one the spookiest pictures I encountered so far regarding the fires. The thought that part of the smoke comes from burned down houses is unsettling. My heart goes out to the people who have lost their homes so far.

If you’re locally here in San Diego, tune in to 94.9 FM, which has kindly provided the signal for KPBS. Keep updated, be generous and donate to the evacuation centers (and show generosity in any way possible), and make sure those who lost their homes don’t get taken in by the hucksters.

For those of you outside of Southern California, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.