Pride, Killer Naps, and Comic-Con

This Pride weekend was alright. The parade, as always, was fun and spectacular, no shortage of color or scantily clothed people. The festival, though, was on the blah side. I felt like I paid $30 to get hawked and accosted by various vendors and non-profits, and I didn’t stick around the for shows. Like most Gen X’ers, I grew up in the 1980’s, but nostalgia wasn’t enough to get me to see Devo. I don’t really get into American Idol, so straight boy with the rainbow hair Blake Lewis wasn’t much of a draw either. Hanging out with some other friends, though, was where the fun was.

Lately, I’ve been feeling tired lately, snoozing off from time to time. Sometimes I stay up a little too late, from midnight to 3 am. I have to get to teaching at 9am this summer, so I have to get up on the early side. Somehow, I’ve never been able to strike the balance between being a morning person, so I find myself taking a nap in the late afternoon, only to wake up at 10 or 11 pm. When that happens, sometimes I make myself go back to sleep, while other times I find something to do for a few hours and then go back to sleep. Yes, this type of thing has happened before.  It’s strange to think that tiredness is something that accumulates, that eventually that sleep debt must be paid. Perhaps this is why some companies give recovery days to their employees when they make them work day and night for some projects, depriving them of sleep. That someone is trying to have a work/life balance isn’t something that’s always factored by such workplaces. This is part of the reason why I often stay up late.

As for things that won’t keep me up late at night, Comic-Con is in San Diego. I bought my ticket early last year, and the even quickly sold out. Tonight is Preview Night, which means I get to see all the Comic-Con exhibits an evening early and got a shot at all the schwag before the general public does tomorrow. I made a decision to avoid collecting freebees as much as possible this year, as it often leads to clutter post-Con. However, if I see something utterly irresistible, too hard to pass up, I will. A few years back, it was Star Trek promotional posters. Not sure what it will be this year. Perhaps if I’m lucky, I’ll meet the Doctor. Last year, I met Russell T. Davies in line at the Hyatt’s Starbucks.

It should be fun.

Happy Pride!

Happy Pride Weekend! I’ve been watching the parade, hanging out with friends, and going to the festival. Previous years, I took tons of photos, but this year, I tweeted like mad, observing the parade and some other thoughts. Here are some Pride survival tips I cam up while hanging out at Filter Coffeehouse on University Avenue. I wish I came up with them sooner, but they’re all common sense. And we all know what happens to common sense in real life. These tips still apply tomorrow and will help you in any city, so here they are:

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San Diego Pride 2009

This weekend, I went to the customary celebration of Pride in San Diego. It was different this year. For the past several years, I marched with St. Paul’s Cathedral, but this time, I wanted to watch the parade itself. I got to hang out with my friends Scott and Kay, along with his neighbor Eydie. I missed visiting with all the groups pre-parade (and taking pictures of them) this year, but I got to see most floats in action. I wound up taking a little over 700 pictures this weekend. Here are some of them.

IMG_6804Obligatory display of male flesh for my Pride Post. This House Boi represents the clothing and furniture shop in North Park.

IMG_6827Clever, snarky caption alluding to some emasculated fundie (fire)men’s lawsuit that they were sexually harassed while riding the firetruck through the Pride Parade in 2007.

IMG_9048 Spooning spoons at Adams Avenue Grill. I went out with my friend Scott on Sunday morning for breakfast, celebrating 11 years of friendship. On their tabletops are butcher paper and crayons, which I couldn’t resist drawing.

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Most Viewed of My Flickr Pics

Here are my top ten most viewed pics on Flickr as of today. This list will probably still be the same tomorrow, just different numbers.

1. Death Proof Amputee
Death Proof
Yes, this girl really was an amputee. This was no trick or optical illusion. She danced around the display promoting Death Proof at San Diego Comic-Con.

2. Ginch Gonch Boys
God Bless Mexico
I guess I’m not with it, but I recently found out these were the Ginch Gonch boys (and that’s what they’re wearing). They were wandering around the San Diego Pride Festival in their near nakedness when I took this pic.

3. Handsome Superman
Superman at DC Comics exhibit
I caught this handsome Superman at Comic-Con and he gave me the classic Superman pose.

4. Leia, Obi Wan, and Padme in front of Jabba
Leia, Obi Wan, and Padme in front of Jabba
Three Star Wars character impersonators happened to be in front of Jabba when I took this pic. Princess Leia obviously had a lot to do with this pic’s popularity.

5. Superman and Trinity
Superman and Trinity
This was a fun pairing of superheroes from different universes.

6. Rough Trade
Rough Trade
Don’t know much about this guy except he was waiting for something or someone during Pride weekend.

7. Wolverine x 2
Wolverine x 2
Two Wolverines for the price of one. Taken at Comic-Con.

8. Annie Lennox meets Vulcan
Annie Lennox meets Vulcan
She was an actress in a Star Trek fan fic featuring George Takei. Taken at Comic-Con.

9. Jabba and Vampira
Jabba with Vampira
If only Jabba came by this woman in Star Wars, he’d never need to chain the other women to his throne, including Princess Leia. Taken at Comic-Con.

10. Free Hugs
Free Hugs
These two young women were giving free hugs during Comic-Con.

I Crush Their Heads

If you’ve watched the Kids in the Hall, then you’re familiar with the Head Crusher skit. During Pride weekend, I got some head crushing pics. Kerry crushes my head in the left pic; however, I don’t get to return the favor as he proceeds to crush his own head.

I get crushed Kerry crushes his own head

These two were done way before pride, where I crushed the heads of people in coffee shops: anonymous Wi-Fi user (top) at Twiggs, and Gigio, co-proprietor of Sole Luna in Downtown San Diego’s Cortez Hill neighborhood (bottom).

I Crush Preppy's Head!

Crushing Gigio's Head

Rough Trade

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Rough Trade, originally uploaded by shindohd.

This one was taken on Saturday, the main day of Pride weekend, after the parade. A friend of mine and I were leaving Top of the Park when I saw this shirtless guy waiting at the corner of Park Manor. He’s been waiting around for God knows who for God knows how long. I didn’t want to know. I just took the picture.

San Diego Pride Weekend

Aztec Eye Candy 2 God Bless Mexico Rough Trade

Yes, I’m using a tactic to boost ratings that Chris, Brian, and I love so much: a show of skin. Usually, one picture suffices, but I’ve treated you to a triptych. Oh, and there is a point to this. It was Pride Weekend in San Diego and there was no shortage of skin. There were plenty of clothed people, but posting nearly naked men is more fun.

My friends Scott, Jaylen, and Kay staked out a table in Starbuck’s outdoor patio on University and Cleveland at 9:00am, Saturday morning. Some more friends would join them, but I could only chat with them briefly. I was marching with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the parade. I would see them when the St. Paul’s group passed by them.

Since I was marching with St. Paul’s, that meant waiting for a couple of hours at the Hillcrest DMV before the parade. There were approximately 50-60 people who showed up to march, which was a larger turnout from the two or three previous years. Integrity had organized the parade contingent in the past; however, this was the first time the Cathedral was wholly represented. Many of the gay membership was present, but many others showed up to show their support. Clergy also participated. The Reverend Canon Allisyn Thomas (pictured with Martin holding the Gay Agenda sign) has long dreamed of having a large fantastic float, something that represents the Cathedral. No big float yet, but there were two silver convertibles and plenty of people for starters. Hopefully, Allisyn can have her float next year and will be big and fabulous.

Priestly Communication IMG_2377 Scott and Allison Me and Daniel Parade Car

Left to right: The Reverend Canon Andrew Rank, St. Paul’s members, the Very Reverend Scott Richardson and the Reverend Canon Allisyn Thomas, my friend Daniel and me, one of the cars used for the parade.

Since waiting for the parade to begin took a couple of hours, I wandered (not too far) and took some pictures. A fun float a few places ahead of us was Hairspray Salon, which had a Flintstones theme this year:

Barney and Wilma Bedrock Residents Flintsone and Caveman Friend

I couldn’t resist catching these t-shirt captions:

Dip Me In Honey... Harder, Dammit!
Left: We know what he likes. Right: We know how he likes it.

Here are some people I met during my wandering around:

Me and Scott from MCC Priest of Perpetual Indulgence Me with Miss San Diego Rodeo Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Left to right: Me with Scott from MCC (not to be confused with my other friend Scott), Priest with Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, me with Miss San Diego Rodeo, and some Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

When it came time for the parade to start, Tutti of Lipps sent us off with a bang. She bantered with us about the time when Lipps was across the street from St. Paul’s, how Lipps is now the holiest place in their new location, and what does one call a female priest: priestess? priestessess? priest? At certain points, commentators told the spectators of the floats, but Tutti was the most fun.

Tutti of Lipps sends St Paul’s off.

Our group was very well received on the parade route. Well, not by everyone:


These nutjobs show up on 8th and University every year. This is the one spot protesters are allowed their First Amendment rights. Their numbers used to be larger, but it seems like the really cute, but loudly homophobic guys came out of the closet and left. Who knows? Hopefully, they will get love wherever they find it. They certainly won’t find it behind a horse’s ass.

After the parade, I got to meet in person Ted, one of my blog friends. Ted was one of the first people I “met” out in the blogosphere” earlier this year when I began interacting with other bloggers on a regular basis. He’s a writer, teacher, anthroplogist, doctoral candidate, a fellow holder of an MFA, and along with his husband, an editor of From Boys to Men: Gay Men Write About Growing Up. I got to meet his partner Rob, who will be a co-worker of mine in the fall, and I got to meet a mutual acquaintance of ours I haven’t seen in years. Our interaction was brief, but I don’t think I’ve seen the last of Ted.

No pride event is complete without token straight boys. God bless them, especially when they’re cute. This guy was in front of me in line at Chipotle’s on 7th and University and I couldn’t resist taking his picture. One of his girlfriends helped me out with taking this pic by telling him to own what’s written on his arm. After I got this pic and ordered my burrrito, I met my friends for lunch. Chipotle’s was crowded and we couldn’t sit with our group for a while, so Scott, Daniel, and I sat outside. After a while, we joined the rest of the group inside and met up with Amber and Julie, who could only be there for a short while.

The festival was like any other festival I’ve been to, only bigger. This time, the grounds extended to 6th and Laurel and there were more beer gardens than before. As usual, there were many obscure bands, but the headlining band was Erasure on Sunday night.

Andy in mid-air

Like the True Colors set of a month ago, Erasure’s set was a truncated one. Given that is was more practical to take a minimalist approach, Andy Bell and Vince Clark avoided the flamboyant theatrical devices that typically accompany their shows. While Bell and company didn’t do many costume changes, they did have some interesting outfits. Bell and Clark wore Andy Warhol patterns. Vince Clark had a Debbie Harry t-shirt underneath his jacket, while Andy Bell sported a Warhol print of Debbie Harry on his silver jacket. Vince Clark masqueraded as Andy Warhol with his wig, and the back-up divas wore fluorescent cheongsams and wigs to match. They played material from their new album along with some standard crowd pleasers from the 1980’s, but Erasure delivered a show that ultimately satisfied festival goers.

Vincent Warhol Andy shows his Warhol

See more of my Pride pictures on Flickr.