Some Politically Incorrect Terms about Academia and Literature

Some of these thoughts started as a conversation between a friend of mine and I. Later, just for fun, I wrote some satirical tweets on Twitter about college and the humanities, especially literature. As a someone who’s gone through the system as an English major and an MFA in creating writing, I couldn’t resist expanding that list here: Continue reading “Some Politically Incorrect Terms about Academia and Literature”

Life After Earth Day

The thing I love about Earth Day, whether it’s the environmentally unfriendly fair in Balboa Park or the day itself, is that people can feel good about “going green” for a day. Hell, even the Republicans are in on it these days. Everyone’s buying a hybrid or going vegan, but those things still take plenty of resources. Here are some suggestions I have to help make our planet a cleaner and safer place for all.

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No More Santa

Ever faced the moral dilemma of telling your kids there is no Santa? You shouldn’t have even led them to believe the fat man in the red suit lives in the North Pole and goes on a frantic global mission to deliver presents to middle class white kids.

Here’s a brief short film by Psychic Bunny about how one man decides to tell his daughter the truth about Santa Claus. No, it’s not right, but funny nontheless. Enjoy the Christmas satire.

The Gift of Duct Tape

Let’s get one thing clear – it’s not spelled DUCK tape. However, there is a company that capitalizes on the misspelling, but this is a trademarked term like Band Aid or Xerox.

In my very grinchy post, I suggested the gift of Duct Tape for those in your life who just won’t shut up. Buy some, put a bow on it, and tell them to shut up for the rest of 2007 and 2008 as their Christmas gift to you. I also mentioned that I’d think about some worthy candidates. Here they are:

  1. Our current President, Texas’ favorite son. To quote Spock from Star Trek VI, “I’d pay good money to hear him shut up.” Thank God there’s only one more year of hearing his idiotic stutterings and mispronounciations. Unfortunately, he and his administration has done at least 50 years worth of damage.
  2. Bishop Peter Akinola. This man needs to leave the American Episcopal Church alone. Like the late Jerry Falwell, he has found the gay community to be a galvanizing force for his extreme agenda (and American money).
  3. Anne Coutler. To quote Emily in The Devil Wears Prada, “I’m hearing this (fingers and thumb moves like a mouth) and I want to hear this (thumb and fingers together, still).”
  4. Larry Craig. Waiting for him to leave office in January 2009 isn’t short enough. He’s also in deep, deep denial.
  5. Chris Crocker. He doesn’t YouTube much any more, but he’s apparently lurking around LA camped in front of Britney’s house. After his last lovely letter to his his fans, he really needed to put a stop to it. He and Larry Craig should get together (he needs a sugar daddy, Craig needs a boy) and fade into obscurity.

Those are my candidates (as far as public people are concerned). Feel free to send them gifts of duct tape (or Duck Tape), and don’t forget to include the bow.