Just One More Day…

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, especially since the Sci Fi gods decided to cut Battlestar short. They’re also making us suffer by having us wait an entire year or so to see the 11th Doctor in action, but that’s another story altogether. Staying on topic, the Final 10 episodes of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica will air starting this Friday, 10pm on the Sci Fi Channel.

The last time we saw the battle and travel-weary Battlestar Galactica and fleet (which now includes a Basestar of renegade Cylons), they finally found Earth. So say we all!

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BSG Webisodes: Face of the Enemy

Gaeta and “Sweet Eight.” There’s something more to this chance meeting.

To hold us over until Battlestar Galactica 4.5 this January, Sci Fi Channel is running a 10 webisode series entitled “The Face of the Enemy,” where Felix Gaeta is in the middle of a mystery of people dying aboard the Raptor after being lost in a jump miscalculation. To further complicate the story are some friendly Number 8‘s.

Regarding a personal mystery about Gaeta, consider it solved in Webisode 1.

As for BSG 4.5, here’s a sneak peak of an upcoming broadcast episode, where Adama is not happy after Tigh came out as a Cylon.

Stay tuned. BSG 4.5 starts on January 16, 2008.

The Next Doctor?

Scene where the villainess Miss Hartigan gets punched by Rosita, the lovely assistant of the Next Doctor.

Yesterday, the overhyped “The Next Doctor” was shown in on BBC as the Doctor Who Christmas special. For those of us in the States, we’ll have to wait until whenever the BBC & the Sci-Fi Channel or BBC America agrees on a US airdate. I’ve gone though YouTube to see if any one in England was bad enough to record the episode and post it, and this is the best clip I can find. The other is a poor copy of the intro.

The Telegraph‘s review of the episode is lukewarm. Warning, fellow Americans, there are spoilers. I don’t really care; I just want to be able to watch it and make up my mind if I like it or not.

Now the hype that remains is who will actually be the next Doctor in 2010, and Catherine Zeta Jone‘s name is on the list as a female candidate.

Eureka: Bad to the Drone

Parents and children is the theme of the third season opener. Carter tries to exhert a little parental control on Zoe, especially after she gets a job at the Cafe Diem. A testing of small robotic fightercraft goes wrong as one achieves an adolescent level of sentience. Interestingly, they are called Vipers and Zoe later describes them as Cylon. Zoe and the Viper also has a bonding moment where the Viper tries to help her get away from Carter.

Eva Thorne, the corporate killer, is brought in to make Eureka and Global Dynamics more efficient and more money making. She also brings with her a maternal disapproval of how things are run at Global and also ideas. No doubt she’ll be around for quite a while, making difficult situations even more complicated.

While the romance between Carter and Allyson Blake is put on dry ice, the idea of Blake and Stark getting married is out there. She doesn’t say yes yet, but she’s thinking about it.

Product placement is now hard to get away from: cases of Degree product shows up here and there. This reminds me of when Zima showed up on Babylon 5. Does anyone drink that now? Will Eureka’s product placement increase the amount of Degree users? That remains to be seen.

Eureka! On Tonight

Eureka Ice Cream truck

Season Three of Eureka premieres tonight. Chris, I promise I won’t be a little too eager with blogging this. I could use the summary function and issue a spoiler alert, but I have the feeling that won’t let me off the hook. I’ll just pursue an editorial policy similar to the one I have for Project Runway.

As for the image above, it was a little odd and eerie (but somehow appropriate) to hear the Eureka theme playing from an ice cream truck during Comic-Con weekend. Unfortunately, no Space Age ice cream was given away.


Battlestar Galactica: Revelations

I’ve more or less cleared the spoiler zone here. This will be the last time we see a new episode until Winter ‘o9.

Ah, what a mind frak! We don’t get the Final Cylon in this episode. Tory gets aboard the Cylon Bastar without initially giving herself way, but once she’s there, she defects. She’s frakked up on the job before, but this is the first time Tory shows outright insubordination towards Roslin. The other three Cylons are outed, not by Number Three, but Saul Tigh, who more or less accomplishes this task with a great deal pressure from Three.

Number Three wastes no time in making her fellow Cylons and the Fleet her bitches for a great part of the episode. She is also a great source of tension for the Fleet, first for being in a position to out the Final Four, and then using a variety of coercion tactics to bring them out into the open.

Saul would have never volunteered his Cylon nature he didn’t feel compelled to save the Fleet. Adama, like most recipients of a coming out story, doesn’t take it too well. Once in a Viper launch tube, Tigh outs Sam Anders and Tyrol on Presidential orders from Lee Adama.

Ironically, Baltar saves humanity from within the Basestar by talking sense to Number Three. Unknowing collusion with the Cylons led to the destruction of the Colonies, but active discussion helps save them. Kara Thrace helps avert the spacing of the Tigh, Anders, and Tyrol (and also the destruction of humanity again) by showing Lee that those Cylons helped pinpoint the way to Earth. They’ve been hearing the same same signal that Kara picks up on her Viper’s instument panel.

Unlike Galactica 1980, there is no humanity there to greet them, no flying motorcycles, and no revelations that Colonials don’t have fingerprints. No boy genius is around to provide anthropological data on Earth and do miracle farming. Howevver, the androids have already been introduced and a portion of them lands with the Colonials. One has had a baby with a human father, another sired a baby with a human mother, and two of them have conceived a child together.

All we see so far is the nuked remains of a temple and a city skyline. The sci-fi cliché is to show a devastated New York City with the ruins of something iconic, like the Statue of Liberty. Nothing quite identifiable here. Where on Earth this scene takes place is yet to be revealed.
Roslin, Adama, Three, Athena, Caprica Six, and Tigh are seen on the surface. Caprica lightly touches Saul, which gives some support to the idea that she loves him. Now we just need to find out who the Final Cylon is.

Hopefully all will be revealed in January or February next year. It would be nice if there wasn’t such a huge gap between episodes. There’ll probably soo be a DVD set of the first half of the fourth season just to keep us all from mobbing NBC/Sci-Fi Channel.

Mid-Season Cliffhanger

It’s hard to believe this Friday’s episode is the mid-season finale of BSG. Now what will I do with my Friday nights? There’s always Dr. Who.

Will the Final Five finally come out of their closets? Will Kara Thrace and Leoben finally come to terms that they are lovers who belong together. Starbuck certainly seems to be attracted to Cylons, perhaps on a subconscious level.
They will probably skip revelation of the final Cylon just to have something for season 4.2. Is there something to Leoben’s claim that Adama is a Cylon or is that a mind frak he did on Roslin?

Battlestar Galactica: The Hub

It’s sufficient to say that I’ve cleared the spoiler time frame and that this post should whet the appetite for this coming episode. I will then probably get some correction from the mysterious and humorless Phil*, who probably exudes B.O. in real life. Who knows? I’m guilty of stereotyping here, as I’ve encountered these types at Comic-Con and some other venues.

This is where Goobath Facility One gets destroyed. The last person to emerge is Number Three, whose dry sense of humor or sense of revenge hasn’t been affected by her being boxed. She manages to channel Xena without being campy as she gets her comeuppance against Cavil. She kills him for good and she scares the frak out of Boomer.

Even though the Hybrid has her own agenda (in response to sensing Natalie’s death), Roslin attempts to take control by having Helo bring Number Three to her first to reveal the Final Five. All doesn’t go according to plan, as Number Three first does a mind frak and tells Roslin she’s one of the Final Five. She then has a laugh at Roslin’s expense, but she makes it clear she is the one in the position to bargain, not Roslin or the other Cylons. Knowledge is all D’Anna has, and she trusts no one, Colonials or her fellow Cylons. Even her sympathizers voted to have her boxed some time ago.

Helo finds a surrogate wife in one of the Eights, who seems to know him too well from Athena’s recent memories. However, she feels betrayed when he takes Number Three to be debriefed by Roslin.

In this episode, we get to see Cylon flight suits for the first time. Most of the time, the Cylons wear very fashionable clothing to distinguish themselves from each other. Occasionally, the Sixes vary in their hair color, but they’re all identical to Caprica Six here, especially the pilots.

Whenever the basestar jumps, Roslin has visions where she has conversations with the deceased priestess Elosha, who very well may be a manifestation of the Hybrid. Her conversations leads her to keep a wounded Baltar from dying and to acknowledge her love for Adama.

Baltar attempts to share the gospel of the Cylon God with a Centurion, who may or may not understand what he’s trying to say. Before we know if Baltar’s words take any effects, an explosion kills the Centurion and wounds Baltar in a Jesus-like way (Jesus was also wounded on his side by a Roman centurion). He finally confesses to Roslin that he gave the Cylons the codes that enabled them to destroy humanity, and she in turn rips his bandages off so he could bleed to death. Her conversation with Elosha causes her to redress the wound so that he may live.

Next week, the final Four come out of the closet. However, this may be a complete tease, just like we were led to think that Three named Roslin as one of the Final Five. The Final Fifth’s identity has yet to be revealed to us.

Now for the problem question from a couple of weeks ago: How did Caprica Six get pregnant? In Seasons 1 and 2, it was revealed that love was one of the conditions for Cylons to reproduce. It at least seems to be how Athena conceives Hera with Helo. Is Caprica Six in love with Colonel Tigh? Is he in love with her? Since Tigh projects Ellen’s face onto Six’s body, he’s having sex with her in his head. It’s most likely Caprica Six is having with Internal Baltrar in her head when this is going on. Baltar’s inner Six has always maintained that they will have a child together, so this may be the product. Hopefully, we’ll get the answer soon.

*Please have the decency to create a profile. I know frak about you, so you’re fair game for any assumption.

Battlestar Galactica: Sine Qua Non

Never, never trust a lady who spends too much time in bathtubs, especially one who takes callers. Last time, Laura Roslin (who’s got a scarf to compete with the Hybrid’s) and Gaius Baltar go about the damaged basestar to meet with her. As soon as she is online, the Hybrid immediately makes the decision to jump. If I were her, I’d bitch about the blood in my bathwater. But, that’s me…

There are bigger problems then women who have a never-ending supply of Calgon. Natlie, a regular caller to water-logged Hybrid, dies of Sharon’s inflicted gunshot wounds. As a result of her irrational assassination attempt, Sharon is barred from seeing her baby. Caprica Six is pregnant with Saul Tigh’s baby instead of conceiving one by Baltar’s “fragile, ephemeral body.” Then Romo, Baltar’s trial lawyer, goes nutso and kills his cat over frustration about Lee Adama becoming president. Then, Adama Sr. goes on a quest to rescue Laura Roslin because he can’t “live without her.”

Now BSG simply sounds like a soap opera. I guess it has for a while.

Next week, Number Three wakes up in a goo bath and gives Cavil a nice good choke. Then again, the dirty SOB had it coming. Luckily, she doesn’t stay in the bath, however, she seems to have some interesting revelations coming back from the box.