“Project Mintaka,” etc

On Friday, I quietly posted the beginning of a work in progress. It’s been a while since I’ve posted creative writing on ShindoTV, much more longer than some other things. I started again mainly to get myself writing again. The intro and the list in question are parts of what I’ve dubbed for the time being “Project Mintaka,” but I’ll come up with a better title later. Also, these pieces of the story in progress are subject to revision later and I’ll definitely work them into a more coherent form when there’s enough to get a book going. That’s the intent anyway.

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Fiction: The Paper

This is part of a longer work I’m working on. It takes place on a world that orbits Mintaka, a world 1000 light years from Earth. The people are human, or very near-human, with Itán being one of the dominant nations. Much of their cultures are similar to ours, but it’s also been shaped by the existence of human telepathy and the supernatural. Mintaka here is in their equivalent of the 21st century.

That piece of paper that Hlau held in his hand…

He wrote things down so he could remember, a rough analog backup for the things that were being wiped from his memory. Hlau tried to remember names, places, people he knew at the Agency of Investigation, cases, but more information vanished quickly than he could conjure it and scribble the characters. At the moment, he wasn’t even sure if he knew how to write in Universal.

He looked at the paper and hardly recognized what he scrawled. He was sure there was more he needed to put down, but he also knew he had to get out. He folded the paper, put it inside the inner breast pocket of his jacket, and ran out to the Agency’s lobby. Someone would be after him soon. That was not memory, but instinct cultivated by decades of practice as an agent. He wasn’t even sure someone would come after him, but he had to get to somewhere safe. He stopped, quickly wrote down SEEK SANCTUARY, SCHOOL OF WISDOM, and ran out to downtown street to catch a taxi. If he had arrived at the Agency’s parking structure in a car, he now couldn’t remember what color, shape, and manufacturer. A taxi moved past the Tchon embassy across the street. Hlau frantically waved it down, ran across the street, and was nearly ran over before he crossed the street. He opened the back door on the driver’s side, got in, and pulled the paper from his pocket. “The National House of Wisdom,” he shouted at the driver before he would forget.

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Battlestar Galactica : The Oath

So Say We All! Warning: Spoilers Ahead. This video, courtesy of Sci Fi Channel and Hulu, is temporarily available for you to catch up.

Last week’s episode was the quiet before the storm. The little bitch, AKA Gaeta, was stirring up some shit after Starbuck called him a gimp. Behind the closed mess hall door, he sowed the seeds of his mutiny. Then there’s  Tom Zarek’s, whose  knack for community organizing definitely involves exploiting Gaeta’s insecurities and desire for power. As for “The Oath,” the stakes are high and the drama is intense as civil war breaks out aboard the Galactica.

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Battlestar Galactica: A Disquiet Follows My Soul

So Say We All! Warning: Spoilers Ahead. This video, courtesy of Sci Fi Channel and Hulu, is temporarily available for you to catch up.
God is dead? Not yet, as Baltar goes on a disturbing rant in his sermon.

Last week’s BSG episode opened the Final half season with a bang. “A Disquiet That Follows My Soul” has less immediate dramatic impact; instead, it’s a a deeply brooding story that sets up events to come. With the disillusionment following the discovery of Earth nuked with little sign of life, Roslin tunes out her presidency and her health, Tom Zarek blocks Adama‘s efforts to deepen the alliance with the dissident Cylons, and Gaeta becomes more and more of a malcontent. On an ancilliary note, Baltar‘s preaching takes a much more cynical turn.

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Farewell to Khan

In memory of Ricardo Montalbán, best known for Khan in the classic Star Trek and The Wrath of Khan, but also for his signature role as Mr. Roarke, Fantasy Island‘s elegantly charming answer to Rod Sterling’s narrator on the Twilight Zone.

Montalbán was an incredibly busy film and television actor with six decades of work. However, I’ll definitely remember him as Khan.

Watch the Star Trek Episode “Space Seed,” where we’re first introduced to Khan.