Some updates for the summer

Just a few updates:

  • I am teaching summer school, a freshman composition course, at the urban college. I think I’ve established this earlier, but a crazy need to earn an income during the summer compelled me to do it. Taking on an eight week course that pretends to be a sixteen week one is sheer insanity, but it comes with the job. My other option – go on unemployment. Ever since I used those benefits a few years ago, I decided I didn’t want to go through that again, even if it is a union-won right. The initial processing is slow, the handling of the claims is unforgiving, the EDD staffers are nasty and condescending, and the payout isn’t great. Given that the economy’s is beyond bad and the great State of California is paying everyone in IOU‘s, collecting unemployment is a nightmare. In lieu of having an easy summer (where I could do things like get writing done), I’ll go with self-respect and the treadmill of work.
  • Speaking of work, I just started my now annual summer tradition of teaching at the foreign language school. While I may not have interesting tales such as that of Juju, my group of students seem like a nice bunch from Europe. I also have something to keep me occupied in the mornings for a while and more income to avoid the dole. The class is in one of San Diego’s older high-rises, so I get to reprise the fun of teaching from on high, this time on the 13th floor. I might even walk up the stairs every morning like I did last year. It sure beats the elevators, which get too crowded in the morning and early afternoon. Also, a 13 story hike has some other benefits.
  • I have been continuously volunteering a few hours a week at my local branch library since March. Of course, I’ve done it to gain some experience in the library field, especially as I’ll start work on my MLIS degree in the fall. I’ve learned a lot about it, which I think about posting on. It would definitely be good material, but I’m also considering how much is appropriate. In looking for more practical experience, I’ve also been on a job search to get some experience that pays. Some openings have come up with the city library system, and I’m applying. Definitely wish me luck. Going after a civil service job in a bad economy sounds crazy, but the gamble is just as high with the private sector. Thankfully, I’m not looking for a job with the State of California.
  • Comic-Con tickets sold out so early this year, so I’m not going unless A) I pay a ridiculous sum after bidding for a pass on e-Bay, or B) someone comps me. I can’t and I definitely won’t do option A, and B is iffy. Personally, I think Comic-Con held a lot of their passes to make more from auctioning them off, as they would announce the eBay listings every so often on their Twitter page. Greedy bastards. Perhaps a break from this annual event, which is outgrowing the San Diego Convention Center, is a good thing. Being at Comic-Con this year could very well induce agoraphobia for me.
  • I am approaching the one year anniversary of me getting my iPhone 3G. I can’t do any upgrades without parting with a few hundred dollars, which I’m not going to do anyway. I can get a new one at upgrade price in December, but I might as well wait for July next year, as whatever model that will render the 3Gs obsolete will come out. My concession prize for upgrading the firmware for my iPhone is cut and paste (oooh! aaaah!) and a voice recorder (podcasts, here I come!). What I don’t get are the video recording capability (need new phone for that) and multi-media text messages, which AT&T will support later. Whatever!

That’s it for right now. More to come. Shindo out.

Why Don’t You Get A Blog?

Comments, whenever they come, are nice. I enjoy getting comments on my blog entries and this has especially helped me developĀ  relationships with other bloggers over the years. Every once in a while, there’s that person who comes by, especially when your post is about something controversial, and they just have to comment ad infinitum about it. My response is, “Dude, why don’t you get a blog?”

While I don’t have an official comments policy, ThePete has a policy that covers a lot of the issues that came up with this comment I got in my Perez post last week. ThePete didn’t agree with me and we were cool. However, there was this person, Daniel on Twitter, who felt compelled to leave this long-ass rant. Just to clarify, I don’t follow this Daniel on Twitter, but he piggy-backed on a conversation between me and a mutual friend about Perez’s use of the F word. At one point, he insulted me and I told him to frack off. From there, it felt like one of those night club arguments that seems to be over until the belligerent person confronts you at the door when you leave. With this comment, it was more like being followed to my virtual home. And, being a good host, I posted his comment, even though I thought about just deleting it without it ever seeing the light of day. Ah, but poor Daniel took so much time to type it, and I respect free speech rights.

Given that, I probably should adopt a policy similar to ThePete’s, as it’s pretty reasonable. I also find it irritating when someone tries to piggyback off my posts, which is on my blog. Exercising the right to moderate isn’t a bad thing. I’m not that desperate for comments.

I was tempted to comment on last week’s immense comment, to have fun ripping it apart, but it’s not really worth my time. As for you, Daniel, YOU REALLY NEED TO GET A BLOG. You and all the others like you. It isn’t really that hard as anyone can set one up on Blogger, WordPress, and even MySpace. You can even use Facebook‘s Notes application, which is pretty much for people who pretend to have a blog. Try it and rant to your wounded heart’s content.

ShindoTV’s sold…

I’ve been absent from the blogoshere for a week or so. There have been a few changes since my last post.

Walmart bought ShindoTV.Com for quite a hefty price, enough for me to quit the adjunct teaching for good. Never let it be said that the Waltons are a bunch of stingy bastards. All those stories you hear about grossly underpaid workers who must take out foodstamps and receive public health assistance is a bunch of lies. Don’t let those liberals lie to you. Walmart is a very generous company. Only, I can’t disclose the amount.

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Many Pieces of Paper

photo-84I’ve had too many pieces of paper with student’s names and more yesterday afternoon. I graded them all and here I am in action. Something to point out: I’m not right-handed. Gotta love how MacBook’s webcam gets things arse-backwards.

img_0676I also need to thank the tree spirits this week as I used up two reams of paper to give my students various hand-outs (all with the hopes that they’d earn good grades, of course).

My LiveJournal, RIP

I wish I could say that I was blogging continuously on my LiveJournal page since 2001. Far from the truth. I’ve only had a small handful of posts from the time I used LJ and I retconned them to ShindoTV. Perhaps the next thing I should do is delete the MySpace account. Take those digital horses out to pasture and shoot them.

PS 1:50am
I put the MySpace pages to rest. I had two accounts that were collecting virtual dust. Good riddance.

Year of the Ox: Welcome to 4706

Late Happy Chinese New Year’s from ShindoTV.

It’s always nice to note the passing of the Chinese New Year. For me, this often feels more like the time of renewal than January 1 mainly because the Gregorian New Year’s still within the Twelve Days of Christmas, and Chinese New Year’s almost a month removed from it. I’ve also been working on a variety of habit changes closer to Sunday as well.

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Catching Up With Benny and the Gold Lady

On the first day of September last year, I began to serialize Resplendence, that mix of art and fiction, on ShindoTV. Overall, the images and the writing form a narrative of a mentally ill young man who’s found salvation in the Gold Lady. If someone’s going to have an imaginary friend, they have got to fabulous, which the Gold Lady is. As for Benny, who has placed his faith and hope in the Gold Lady, he’s on a journey to discover his fabulosity as tries to become sane on his terms:

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Classic ShindoTV


As much as I like the Colors Idea template, I’ve gotten a bit tired of it. I’ve been wanting something closer to my old website design from 8 years ago. This photo, done by my brother, was a part of that. I can always crop it to fit the title banner. Now I need to find another template. The basic criteria is that it has a minimal Helvetica aesthetic, complete with white background.

I have a copy of the Andreas template handy. A little tweaking and it’ll do the job. However, I’ll have to create my own template some day if I want to get it right.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

No, it’s not about Kylie, but the subject makes me want to mindlessly sing “Lah la la, la la la lah…” Ever since I found out about Shindy.TV, it’s frakked with my head. To make matters worse, it’s not pronounced Shindy dot TV, but ShindyTV. It sounds a little too similar to website name of yours truly.

What is Shindy.TV exactly? It’s a website that gives information on the various happenings in San Diego. You can get info on restaurants, nightclubs, and some superfun events. Being true to the .TV domain name, ShindyTV goes out into the field and has correspondents give us mortals the skinny on what’s going on.

As for the name, it gets to me for the reason I’ve mentioned above. In all fairness, they are Shindy.TV and my website is ShindoTV. Two different entities altogether. Shindy simply is a synonym of shindig, an event or happening. Strange thing is, one of my older nicknames was Shindig. When your name is Shin, the nicknames seem to come without end. Shindo was another one I had, one that I’ve used as a pen name to this day. I’ve never been a Shindy, but it’s a little too close for comfort.

Now that Shindy.TV has a presence on Twitter, no doubt some confusion will arise. Keep in mind they are Shindy_TV and I am shindotv.

That all said, name confusions aren’t always bad.