Morning is Broken

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Morning is Broken 1, originally uploaded by shindohd.

This photo was taken sometime after 7am this morning. There will be some brilliant sunrises for a while, thanks to the fires. Today, things “return to normal” with schools reopening. I’m sure I’ll learn things are far from normal today and tomorrow with students.

Morning is Broken 4


To Help
The Episcopal Relief Fund is one of several organizations responding to the fires this week. They have responded to the tsunamis of 2004 and 2005 and Hurricane Katrina, and donating to them is a way to help. There are people who have lost their homes and even as things return to normal for most people in Southern California, it isn’t that way for them.

Let It Rain

Yesterday, there was nothing but blue skies in San Diego. Today, it’s overcast. I wish it would rain right now. After the fires and too much drought, it would be nice if there were one or two days of a downpour. Of course, people in Southern California can’t drive at the first sign of drizzle.


What A Week!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this week’s hardly been a holiday. While my neighborhood has been spared from the fires, it was not risk free. Most San Diego neighborhoods are built on top of hills, and the hillsides (suburban and rural) are lined with chaparral, which is simply plenty of vegetation to catch fire. The fires were largely limited to rural areas, but densely populated areas close to them, such as Rancho Bernardo and Poway, were vulnerable and took heavy damage. There will be more stories in the news in the weeks to come as these people struggle to resume their lives and rebuild their homes. What is very unfortunate is that some of these people were still recovering from the Cedar Fires disaster, which happened four years ago.

Thanks to those who kept us in your thoughts. I would especially like to thank Brian and Danny for their responses in some of my fire related posts. There was also a Flickr user who sent me some thoughtful messages. I’m glad to know that fellow San Diego bloggers Ted and Rob are ok.

I’ve gotten word that one of the teachers out in the East County school lost her home in the fire. I’m sure we’ll hear about more friends, colleaguues, and acquaintances in this situation in weeks to come.

As for family in San Diego, I’m glad everyone’s fine. My immediate family (mother and brother) are all in central San Diego, away from the fires. My brother’s children (my niecce and nephew) live with their mother in East County, but their area is unaffected. I visited my uncle John (my paternal grandmother’s brother) and my aunt in Mira Mesa yesterday. It had been a while since I’ve seem them, but I worried about them this week, since their area had more smoke than here. I promised not to be a stranger.

As far as I know, the community colleges resume on Monday. I’ll be catching up on grading papers and doing prep work for classes. I’ve lost more or less a week’s worth of lessons, so I’ll have to exercise some flexibility with plans and deadlines.


Updates 2

Today has been a hazier day than the deceptive clarity of yesterday (within San Diego proper). The sunlight ‘s paler and has more of a yellowish cast, so it feels more like it’s a few hours later, very late afternoon. More like 5:00 instead of 2:30.

Seventh and C at 1pm.

This morning, ash was everywhere. It lightly covered my car and dotted the suburban landscape. When I arrived at downtown to teach at the language school, the sidewalks and streets were covered with ashes, but less noticeable. I only noticed them on the black chairs outside of the Super Junior Market on Seventh and Broadway. After class was over, I walked up the hill to Sole Luna and the air was still hazy and small bits of ash were flying everywhere.

View of Downtown from Sole Luna Cafe. The air is very hazy in the East Village District (far background). Taken from Seventh and Ash.

Channel 10 news has been running nonstop. The damage in Rancho Bernardo is freaky with no rhyme or reason. There are several houses that are burned to the ground, while other houses on the same block are still standing.

There’s now an arson investigation to find out the cause of the fires.

President Bush is scheduled to make appearances tomorrow. Thanks, but his idiotic voice acknowledging what happened on Monday or even Tuesday would have been nice. Hopefully, he’ll mumble and stammer through something appropriate. At least his timing is better than it was for Hurricane Katrina.

For those of you whose thoughts and prayers are with us at time, thanks.