Stuff White People Like – You know you want a copy!

I plan to get get my copy of Stuff White People Like this morning when I get the chance to go to a bookstore. I could have ordered in advance some time ago on some website, but I’m kinda tired of the online thing right now. Actually, I’m more tired of checking my mailbox everyday for my orders, only to have my hopes dashed.

The white thing to do is to try to buy it from an indie bookstore. Better yet, if I were in Portland, Oregon, buy it from Powells. By doing this, I establish my indie cred and I accomplish it in a city white people are so fond of.

Actually, I will most likely buy the book from some evil corporate bookstore such as Borders. How uncool is that?

For you Washingtonians: Christian Lander, author and blogger of Stuff White People Like, will appear at Politics and Prose Bookstore and Coffeehouse on July 23, 2008, at 7pm. Punctuality counts.

Shindo Goes To Washington: Just came home.

Overall, I had a very good time in Washington DC. I got to see some things, meet Brian and Fredo, and even got caught out in a storm. I saw some things I wanted to see, missed some others, but this trip definitely confirmed the fondness I developed for the city the last time I was there.

I had a very safe trip home, despite that airports were on Orange Alert. It was weird to hear a man calmly announce this over the PA system at BWI. Also, security was more stringent than usual.

I’ll blog more about it later, but here are some pics.


No Washington DC-related post would be complete without a photo of the Metro. It was easy to ride as ever, even easier as I’ve done this before.

Lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl

The Half Smoke, made famous by Bill Cosby, and Cheese Fries from Ben’s Chili Bowl. It was good! You should see the pic where the wax paper in this basket is almost cleaned out.

Boyd Gordon Verizon Center Ad

Like many cities, Washington can’t escape major venues with corporate names attached. In Southern California, we have the Staples Center and Petco Park to name a few. For Washington, there is the lovely Verizon Center in Chinatown. This handsome man, as part of the Washington Capitals, is a regular.

National Cathedral's seen from the Bishop's Garden

The last time, I was a good Episcopalian and went inside the the National Cathedral. This time, I looked for the Darth Vader gargoyle (which I couldn’t find), and then visited the Bishop’s Garden.

Shindo Goes To Washington: Like A Cat In The Rain

I’ve been having a wonderful time in DC so far. The only drawback has been that is has been pouring rain for the past couple of days, especially during the late afternoon and evenings. The first evening, I got super drenched. Yesterday, I brought the umbrella I packed, not expecting rain, but as a contingency plan, and it didn’t even protect me. I wore sneakers the day before, but chose not to yesterday more or less expecting a downpour at anytime. However, the Kenneth Cole shoes I packed weren’t enough to protect my feet from the rain. I think it’s safe to say they’re gone. Rest in piece. I wound up making an emergency purchase. It doesn’t sound like an equal exchange, Clarks for Coles, but it will have to do. Now, I need to have a shoe funeral.

I’ve posted a bunch of photos on my Flickr page. I haven’t labeled and tagged them all yet, but I’ll get them all taken care of.

I’ll blog more of the trip later. It’s definitely been an exercise in accidental tourism, but fun.

Stay Tuned: Shindo Goes To Washington

Well, I’m off on a three day trip to Washington DC. I visited a few years ago and I’ve always wanted to return ever since. What lies in store? Mainly touristy things. I plan to visit a few places I didn’t get to last time, such as The National Museum of the American Indian. I’ll also have to stop by the National Cathedral again (I heard that the parking structure is complete. The lawn was completely ripped up the last time I visited). Also, I’m obligated to get some good eats.

Brian, Fredo, and I are still working out a plan to meet up. Wednesday sounds like it will be the day for sure, but the details definitely have to be worked out.

I’ll take plenty of pictures everyday. I’ll post some here, but you can definitely see them on Flickr. I’ll also have a video camera handy, but I’m not guaranteeing anything here.

The only bummer is I won’t be able to catch a Blowoff event. Perhaps I’ll plan my next trip around it.

I fly out tonight. Stay tuned…