Some More What the Buck?

Buck has posted his first celebrity interview on his website blog. I’ll give a couple of clues. Her comment about the Pope is “Queen, please!” She makes the flight attendant nervous when he’s selling Asian Chicken salads down the aisle. At the hospital, she was once traumatized by Gwen, whose announcement is best not repeated. Oh, and her mother told her she didn’t need to use glue. She could just use rice! That was too much, but you could have guessed who she was from the first or second clue.

Watch it, it’s a lot of fun.

Now here’s the latest What the Buck?! Yes, it’s random, but the best is saved for last, showing how deliciously frakked up Buck’s humor is.

What the Buck? Elizabeth Hasselbeck Bitch Out!

This is what I miss because I don’t watch The View. Just don’t have the time, and I’m not that gay! Yes I am, but I lost interest in the show a long time ago. Nonetheless, it’s fun to hear Buck talk smack about the immaturely conservative View host and give kudos to Whoopi for calling her out. I’d love to see that. Too bad I don’t have the patience to tune in to show to see such moments. Have fun!

What the Buck? Steroids Edition

I have to agree with Buck. People who give 100+% (i.e. 110%, 150%, 200%, etc) are lying. You just have to watch and listen, especially as he dishes it first on Britney Spears and then washed out pop star Taylor Dane (who wishes she could be Britney Spears). There’s more, especially when it comes to Chris Crocker (i.e. Britney’s not flattered).

Since Buck says the Britney vid speaks for itself, here it is.

Britney is a Cylon!