Lessons in Impermanence, Part 1

David Bowie singing his signature anthem of impermanence, “Changes.”

If there’s anything to learn from this recession is that nothing is permanent. Way before our economy tanked to where it is now, corporations adopted the layoff as a quick road to profits during the Clinton years. Downsizing, reducing redundancies, etc – it became the popular way for companies to slim down their expensive American workforce and seek cheaper labor abroad. Even when times appeared to be prosperous, such as the late Clinton years or the middle Bush years, the stable job was not as easily obtainable as it once was.

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Happy Easter & see you soon…

Happy Easter, everyone!

It’s been a week of not being on the blog and a week after my April Fool’s joke. No, Walmart did not buy my website. A big huge sell-out like that, however, would have been nice. I am clearly in the wrong line of work if I keep having financial bail-out fantasies, especially those that enable me to quit my job(s).

ShindoTV’s had a nice little hiatus. Time to get back. The midterm’s over and it’s back to life as normal for the rest of the semester. More posts to come. No, I’m not going to do Twitter recaps for blog posts. I know it makes someone feel like they’re blogging, but it’s the type of stuff that offends me as a reader.

Before getting back to normal, here’s an item that we should all find amusing. Does the GOP even know teabagging is?

Just the Best and the Brightest

My friend Avril gave me this vid’s link in a comment to an earlier blog entry, and then we both posted it in our Facebook profiles.

This video makes me want to hide in shame as an American. I haven’t traveled that much, but come on! The news is now on the frakking web and most of it free! Also, how many of these people have paid attention in school? Most can’t point out countries on a map. Oh, and it gets better. Some can’t tell how many sides there are to a triangle. The reporter didn’t ask them something difficult, such as what is an isosceles or a hypoteneuse.

The attempts to tell the reporter who Tony Blair is—priceless!

A really fun one – they should try to identify the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I’d let them think it’s Harriet Jones. đŸ˜‰

I were the reporter, I’d ask them what cynical means. After all, I knew one person who didn’t know the meaning and he couldn’t be bothered to use the dictionary!

Masters Degree…

Warning: Do not watch the video if you’re offended by talk about body parts, etc.

Gotta love public access TV and the people who broadcast on them. YouTube’s more or less supplanted that, but somewhere, there’s someone out there who’s captured some of the most whacked out moments on tape and then share it with the rest of us. Tamika shared this vid on Facebook, but it’s been around for a while.

Alexyss K. Tylor pontificates on the penis, which seems to start out ok, but quickly becomes an incoherent rant where she more or less repeats the same thing (she seems to have an obsession about rectums). Mainstream relationship experts like to trot out their credentials if available, but she has no degree. However, Tylor has “masters degree in being played by men, used by men, told everything I want to hear…”

Needless to say, not safe for work at all. This clip is a trainwreck for sure, one where you can’t stop laughing either. Funny thing is that Tylor’s guest/cohost/? (who doesn’t get in a word edge-wise) says she’s got to “stay prayed up… keep standing in the Lord.”

The Art of Gentling

Personally, I think George Takei gets off on baiting William Shatner in the media. Queen is an attention whore and playing out a lifelong feud before us all is one way all of us don’t forget who Sulu is.

Now he says he hasn’t been invited to be a guest on Shatner’s Raw Nerve, the new Biography channel interview series. Shatner says they were looking for people of “celebrity value” to get the show started. Poor Takei, passed up for Tim Allen, Judge Judy, and Jenna Jameson and a few others.

I guess the vetting process is much more stringent than the one the Senate put Hillary Clinton through for Secretary of State.

Oh, and George Takei likes to be gentled. Who knew?