The Art of Gentling

Personally, I think George Takei gets off on baiting William Shatner in the media. Queen is an attention whore and playing out a lifelong feud before us all is one way all of us don’t forget who Sulu is.

Now he says he hasn’t been invited to be a guest on Shatner’s Raw Nerve, the new Biography channel interview series. Shatner says they were looking for people of “celebrity value” to get the show started. Poor Takei, passed up for Tim Allen, Judge Judy, and Jenna Jameson and a few others.

I guess the vetting process is much more stringent than the one the Senate put Hillary Clinton through for Secretary of State.

Oh, and George Takei likes to be gentled. Who knew?

The Ultimate Rickroll

Yes, President-Elect Obama gave us the ultimate Rickroll at the end of 2008 with his choice of Rick Warren to do the Inaugural Opening Invocation. While I’m among the people not thrilled with this choice, I’m going to laugh at it and make the statement in a humorous way. Some people have already beaten me to the punch, especially the person who put together this video pastiche. Gays and lesbians can’t get married, but president-elects and evangelical ministers in ugly Hawaiian shirts can carry on with their bromances.

Definitely on my playlist for you, Mr. President-Elect, this Inauguration Day.

The Next Doctor?

Scene where the villainess Miss Hartigan gets punched by Rosita, the lovely assistant of the Next Doctor.

Yesterday, the overhyped “The Next Doctor” was shown in on BBC as the Doctor Who Christmas special. For those of us in the States, we’ll have to wait until whenever the BBC & the Sci-Fi Channel or BBC America agrees on a US airdate. I’ve gone though YouTube to see if any one in England was bad enough to record the episode and post it, and this is the best clip I can find. The other is a poor copy of the intro.

The Telegraph‘s review of the episode is lukewarm. Warning, fellow Americans, there are spoilers. I don’t really care; I just want to be able to watch it and make up my mind if I like it or not.

Now the hype that remains is who will actually be the next Doctor in 2010, and Catherine Zeta Jone‘s name is on the list as a female candidate.